Q. Do I always have to wear the admission wristband? / Do I always have to wear the 3-day admission wristband?

A. Yes. Admission wristbands are checked at the festival entrance area and at each stage, and must be worn at all times.

    Please use caution, as lost or damaged wristbands cannot be reissued.

Q. Is re-entry allowed?

A. Yes. You may freely exit and enter the festival, as long as the admission wristband is worn for the corresponding day.

Q. May I pick up a ticket (admission wristband) for someone else? / May I wear the wristband at a later time, after directly receiving it?

A. After your reservation is confirmed, the admission wristband clasp will be locked immediately, so it is not possible to receive it for someone else or wear it later.

Q. Is entry or movement allowed during performances?

A. Yes, it is allowed. However, for the consideration of artists and other audience members, please try as much as possible to move only during the transition time between stages.

Q. Is photography allowed?

A. Yes. Photography and video are allowed. However, please refrain from using professional equipment that may disrupt other audience members’ enjoyment of the performances.

Q. Can I only watch the performances from a designated seat?

A. As this is an outdoor festival with no designated seats, all performances can be watched freely.

Q. If I move to another stage, may I hold my spot for coming back?

A. Holding spots inside performance venues is not permitted. We are not responsible for lost items.

Q. Can I use a seating mat?

A. Seating mats are allowed in designated areas, along with standard-sized canopy tents (2100x2100x1600mm) and folding chairs. In the case of canopy tents, even those that fit within the size specifications may block the view of other audience members, in which case you may be asked to move to another area.

Q. What are the performance times?

A. Performance stages and times differ by artist. Please see the timetable for details.  Timetable

Q. May preschool children also see performances?

A. This festival is open to all ages.

Q. Will there still be performances in case of rain?

A. The performances will happen as planned, rain or shine, and weather-related ticket cancellation is not possible.

    As this is an outdoor festival, please prepare appropriate clothing for weather changes.