Restricted Items & Storage


Q. May I bring in outside food?

A. Yes, outside food is allowed. After eating, please leave a clean space for everyone’s enjoyment of the festival.

Q. Are flags allowed?

A. Yes, flags are allowed. However, please be careful not to injure those around you.

Q. Are baby strollers allowed? / Are wheelchairs allowed?

A. Baby strollers and wheelchairs are allowed entry, but please use them with caution, as many people will gather in the limited festival space.

Q. Is there a storage area?

A. There is a paid storage area. However, please be aware that we cannot store valuables, easily damaged items, or oversized items.

※ Storage Area Information

Hours of Operation: 1 Hour Before Doors Open – 30 Minutes After Final Performance

Fee: 3,000 won / Re-storage 1,000 won (Cash Only)

* We are not responsible for lost ticket numbers, or loss or damage to items not claimed during hours of operation. Please hold on to your ticket number.

Q. Is there bag check at each stage entrance?

A. Yes. For audience safety, we will be checking for dangerous items.

※ Dangerous and prohibited items

- Portable gas burners, torches, fireworks, and other inflammables

- Regular tents (besides canopy tents), carriers over 24 inches, and other oversized items

- Bicycles or electric vehicles on wheels (wheelchairs and baby strollers are allowed)

- Glass bottles, glasses and other breakable items

- Knives and other items that can be used as weapons