(Velvet Underground)

JOHN CALE(Velvet Underground)

GBR / 6.9 Sun

The legendary John Cale was a core member of the Velvet Underground,
a band that Rolling Stone magazine has paid tribute to as
‘the originator of all things alternative.’
Lou Reed passed away in 2013, but John Cale actively continues to make and perform
his own music. As an artist, he is classically trained and well-versed in the avant-garde,
ranging from folk to electronica. Within any kind of artificial boundary - from a musical
genre’s baseline to the borders drawn on a map - he has come to adhere to a stubborn
insistence on the unconventional, including full performances across seven countries of his 1973
album <Paris> 1919, a reference to the Paris Peace Conference. John Cale will bring his band 
to Korea for this year’s Peace Train Music Festival, playing the Velvet Underground’s most
well-known songs, his own solo work, and a special collaboration with talented
Korean musicians.




GBR / 6.9 Sun

Cui Jian, the founder, pioneer and godfather of Chinese rock announced its birth in 1986 at the Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium with the inaugural rock anthem “Nothing to My Name.” His first record, Rock n’ Roll on the New Long March, reached double-platinum status in Hong Kong. Borrowing from jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music, he and his band have traveled across China and the world for nearly thirty years, playing to crowds over a thousand strong. Especially in the West, he is compared to the likes of Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, and John Lennon. In 2006 he was a guest of honor at the Rolling Stones’ concert in Shanghai. In 2009 he received international attention as the first Chinese artist to break into the Spanish-speaking world, holding concerts in both Madrid and Barcelona. With the wisdom of half a century behind him, the founder of Chinese rock is still marching to the beat of his own drum, leading us forward on rock n roll’s new long march.